Khyanika – The Lost Idea to Premiere in Hidden Gems

Khyanika - The Lost Idea to Premiere in Hidden Gems

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Khyanika – The Lost idea is a non-commercial story by an Odia film maker Amartya Bhattacharya. The film is shot

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with a DSLR camera without any support from industry resources or equipment. The movie was shot around Bhubaneswar and Puri.

Hidden Gems as the name suggests is a unique art house film festival in Canada which screens 8 movies from India. The organisers though announced that Khyanika – The Lost Idea was one of the entries but yet to announce the other 7 entries from India.

As per Mr Bhattacharya the movie has satire as well as soothing story which will attract film lovers from all walks of life. The movie is a fantasy driven tale of 2 men a poet and a painter claiming that they have possessed of an idea which turns out to be same. The idea has been personified as a young lady. Both the men try to claim the idea as theirs through their art form but were not able to settle the claim. Thus they went to ‘fate’ personified as a big fat man a man of authority. But they realise that they can not rely on fate to decide for them. Thus they decide to settle the matter in peace.

The movie features Amrita Chowdhury, Susanta Mishra, Choudhury Biksh Das, Hrushikesh Bhol in lead roles while Anu Choudhury made a guest appearance.

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